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I am a professional dancer with 25 years of dance experience in Ballet, Modern Dance, Standard Latin, Salsa and more.
Sherman Mosquito Dance Teacher

Hi, I am Sherman Mosquito, dance teacher, choreographer and performer. I started dancing Ballet when I was 3 and performed my first solo when I was 8. I expanded my dance universe to Modern dance and Standard Latin in my teenage, and have been dancing professionally since I am 16, competing in Standard Latin and achieving numerous awards in the Standard Latin scene, including Champion of the year 2010.

I discovered my passion for Salsa dance in 2008. I won the title of champion in Hong Kong Salsa Championships in 2010 and started teaching Salsa in 2011. In 2018, I won the title of champion in Hong Kong Salsa Championships, in the female solo category.

I have been invited to perform and teach in many countries (Singapore, India, Guam, Thailand, China ) and to performe in several HK TV shows and movies.

With more than 10 years teaching experience, I teach many latin dances, in group classes, workshops and private classes in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. I love to teach in a very friendly and fun atmosphere, but I use my technical background to make sure my students always learn the proper way, regardless of their level. I hope to see you in one of my classes soon!

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